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About KLG

Building on several decades of consulting experience, KeyLight Group, Inc. (KLG) focuses on three practices: management consulting, marketing consulting, and portfolio analytics, with direct experience across a range of industries from automotive and high-tech to financial services. 

KLG serves its clients in creating and executing domestic and international expansion strategies, drawing on completed projects in more than 50 global markets.



KLG Competitive Advantage

We have successfully led dozens of new product and business introductions, whose total monetization exceeds $2.0 billion.  

KLG is supported by a network of seasoned professionals committed to delivering insightful and actionable results, based on best practices derived from executing hundreds of successful projects worldwide. Our capabilities include:    

  • Strategy development – We create strategic solutions that are always practical, measurable, and easy to translate into achievable goals. 
  • Project management – We help our clients solve implementation issues with precision, on time and on budget, free of surprises. 
  • Marketing execution – From competitive analysis to consumer and pricing insights, we deliver marketing programs that outperform. 
  • Analytic and technical services – Our professional network allows us to tap into a range of skills, from specialized analytics to key subject-matter expertise.  



We Get It

The majority of our projects evolve from conceptualization to strategy to in-market execution. While others focus on selling ideas, we deliver successful implementations with an emphasis on the right approach and answers to fit our clients’ needs. 

We hold as a value that we should only structure solutions that also address the nuances of our clients’ organizations. We aim to become extensions of our clients’ teams, with a corresponding deep knowledge of their customers and how to best serve them.     



Project Experience – Automotive Sector

  • Only management consulting firm in North America to have led or materially contributed to two separate launches of extended warranty businesses for four major automotive brands in the last five years. 
  • Led the launch of an $80 million extended warranty business. Formed two Manufacturer Obligor Companies and a Captive Reinsurance Company with 41 staff. Designed market-leading service platform for the franchise distribution channel. De-risked implementation with partner-assisted, phased insourcing strategy. Developed product line with 14 new products – all regulatory filings successfully completed in 50 states within nine months. Launched business on schedule, ten months after business plan sign off.  
  • Created strategic framework, set benchmark-based portfolio metrics, developed pricing structure and tactical plans, and provided ongoing implementation support for the launch of a second $65 million extended warranty business. 
  • Set baseline for strategic analysis, conducted primary research, defined benchmarks, created framework for regulatory review, and provided strategic input into business plan development for a US finance company’s expansion to Canada. New business successfully launched within two years of project initiation. 
  • Identified series of portfolio enhancements, including new revenue opportunities, for a US captive auto finance company. Provided analytics and business planning to prioritize initiatives and supported implementation of profit-enhancing initiatives. 
  • Completed a five-month, eight-market study of after‑market sales to support an expansion assessment for a leading US Auto industry service provider  
  • Executed statistically significant study of automotive dealers’ after-market sales practices and needs. 
  • Led two separate reviews of opportunities and RFP assessments in auto co-brand card programs.   

Project Experience – Financial Services Sector

  • Developed strategies for delivering customized products and offers to new and existing bankcard customers. Worked with client over two years on implementation of supporting products, pricing, and offers. Resulting change in customer management strategy grossed more than $1 billion in incremental annual revenue. 
  • Designed a portfolio repricing strategy for a national bankcard issuer. Led execution of all channel testing. Improved overall account profitability by 30%. 
  • Developed offers, pricing, benefits, terms, and conditions for a national broker/dealer. Built call center capabilities for product/service delivery. Achieved two times higher average account assets than client’s peer group, with acquisition costs below competitive benchmarks (even in declining markets). 
  • Designed a customer loyalty program for a major financial service provider. Through cost analysis and vendor negotiations, reduced five-year program costs by 60%.  

Project Experience – Technology Sector

  • Created successful launch strategies for new and industry-leading software and hardware products to build awareness, maximize distribution, and deliver sales results:

Product Launch Campaigns

Project Management

Pricing, Sales, and Web Traffic Analysis

Retailer, Distributor, and Re-Seller Agreements

Direct Mail and Email Campaigns

  • Managed online marketing communications for more than 60 product launches in one year. Generated 15%+ of annual revenue by offering customized promotions through database CRM.     
  • Led integration of a 50-product software/hardware offering to ensure consistency in strategy, positioning, marketing plans, and marketing messages. Managed effort to enhance business plans for product lines and communication with the sales organization.
  • Grew distribution channel for DSLR camera accessories by 4x over six months. Negotiated pricing and reseller agreements for all new dealers – short list includes Adorama, B&H Photo, and Gadget Shack. 
  • Directed all design and production aspects of marketing collateral and product packaging. Ensured consistent messaging in print and web-based promotions.

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